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Working Hours ׀ Monday-Friday: 9AM-10PM ׀ Saturdays & Sundays: 10AM-8PM

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Schedule Repair Service

Our service tech will come out to your servicing location to assess your appliance, diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote. We require a service call fee of $65.00 to confirm your appointment.

Once our tech completes any repair, your service call fee will count towards the repair free. You only pay for the cost of the repair quoted in your estimate.  

Our tech is usually able to provide you with life expectancy, preventative measures, and periodic maintenance tips that may help you decide whether to proceed with a repair. 

Please provide date and time.
Please provide date and time.

Click the Square link to pay for your $65.00 service fee or your Emergency HVAC Repair fee of $125.00. 

Appointments are scheduled for 9am-12pm or 1pm-9pm on weekdays with a 30min time frame of which one should expect to be serviced. During weekends, appointment are scheduled 11am-7pm.

All appointments are set based on the earliest availability. Part installation appointments will not be scheduled until part(s) have arrived.

Stanford Enterprise often makes appointments for customers with multiple units. A service fee will be charged for each unit.

The appliance must be installed and accessible to the service technician. In case access to the unit is not provided by the customer, additional fees may apply for the labor performed to access the unit. Based on the customer’s description of the issue, the Stanford Enterprise service technician will diagnose the unit and determine what repair(s) will be necessary to resolve the issue(s). Due to the complexity of some appliances, there can be additional underlying problems that cannot be determined until an “initial repair” is made. In the event, that an appliance has an underlying problem(s) an additional free diagnosis along with an additional revised estimate will be provided. If a technician cannot duplicate the customer’s complaint on the unit, the customer will be responsible for the service call fee.

If the technician arrives and no problem is present, it will be considered a diagnosis of “No problem found” or “Working as designed”. The customer will be responsible for the service call fee. If the problem is caused, or possibly caused by a source other than the appliance itself, the technician may recommend an examination by an outside trade contractor to confirm or rule out the possible cause or problem. The customer is fully responsible for any expenses, costs and payment for any examinations or services performed by outside trade contractors. The customer will be responsible to pay Stanford Enterprise their service call fee.